History of Hand Craftsmanship

Eben W. Carle purchased the former Salladin’s Marble and Granite Works in 1922 and the business has been in continuous operaton since that time. In the quarries of Vermont, Canada, South Dakota and around the world, stone is skillfully broken loose from the earth into ten to sixty-ton blocks. Diamond-edged saws then cut slabs into workable sizes that are sent to the monument shop. Once there, centuries-old methods of hand craftsmanship are used to transform granite into memorials of enduring beauty.

Kevin  and Brandy-Lee Lappin are excited to introduce themselves as the owners of E.W. Carle & Sons Monuments. We have been small business owners in the community for the past 16 years. We currently own and manage Robinson’s Florist in McConnellsville, as well as Queen Village Florist in Camden. As lifelong members of our community we have chosen to remain local and raise our two children here.